Pleasant Hill Best Dressed

   (Kickapoo Sharp Dressed Man x Rosmel’s Little Black Dress)

Sparky, as he is known here, is a fancy black Section B colt, born April 2022.  Very correct from the beginning.  Stellar temperament – very people oriented eager to please.  Easy to handle and learns quickly.  Should make a wonderful child’s pony.  He is expected to mature in the upper medium range.  He is weaned now and ready for new adventures.  Good home a must.  Priced at $6500.00 

Pleasant Hill Fine n Dandy

                       (Clanfair Classic Chrome x Midnight Encore)

Dandy was foaled June 2022.  Looks to “knock your socks off” from day one,  he is a fancy boy with fluid movement natural lead changes.  A little sass and lots of flash.  He really catches your eye.  Should mature at least a good size medium. His dam has produced 3 large foals and I medium.  Available after weaning, which will be in October.  Priced  at $7500.


Pleasant Hill Prime Time

(Clanfair Classic Chrome x High Hopes Mercedes)

Exceptional colt with that “look at me” attitude.  Beautiful movement and great temperament.  Born July 14, 2002.  Pictured here at 5 weeks old.  Should mature up to height medium, possibly large.  No longer available.