Available for Purchase
S. Crozier - updated November 2017
All ponies/horses are represented honestly to the best of my knowledge.  I will be happy to
provide references to people who have purchased my horses & ponies.
Pleasant Hill Tinkerbell
Kobur Naiche x Midnight Encore
2016 Welsh Section B Filly.  Rich Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail.  Tink has a very curious and laid back
disposition.  Always the first one to come and up see you when you go to the pasture.  Very little bothers her, even my
best picture taking tool, the dreaded umbrella.  Mostly wanted to come up and smell it and see how it tasted.  She is
going to be a good size girl at maturity.  As a yearling, she stands 13-0 1/2 at the withers, and due to a recent growth
spurt, 13-2 at the hip.  Will have the size to carry child or adult rider.  Lovely movement with great extended trot.  
Nice strong topline.  Priced at $3500.00 as a yearling.