2020 Expectations
Pleasant Hill Blue Suede
Pleasant Hill Leading Lady
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2018 Foal
Pleasant Hill Royal Gunnar
(by Telynau Royal Charter)
Rosmel's Wonderwall
(by Rosmel's Scarlet Emperor)
A Gorgeous Chestnut Filly- Pleasant Hill Easy Breezy (aka Bree)
Updated July 2019
Confirmed in foal for a late April/early May 2020 foal
I am so thrilled with Bree, a gorgeous filly, who is the first foal for both sire and dam.  She has such
a gentle laid back personality and is a beautiful mover.  She will mature a large.  
Rosmel's Scarlet Emperor
Rosmel's Little Black Dress
Rosmel's Scarlet Emperor
Pleasant Hill Leading Lady
Confirmed in foal for a May 2020 foal
2019 Foal
5/01/2019 - A Stunning Solid Black Filly- Pleasant Hill Sweet T
So thrilled with this beautiful girl!  She is growing quickly and will be at least a good size medium
with lots of bone and substance.  Learns quickly and wants to please.  She is very athletic and a
beautiful mover just like her dam.  She will be available at weaning.   
2020 Expectations